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Your Secure Cloud was founded in 2014 in Germany. Ever since the beginning, the customer and the security of the customer data entrusted to us is at the center of our products. High quality, reliable services and customer-oriented thinking as well as outstanding support led to the fact that our cloud solution quickly established itself on the German market. After just a few months, we were able to record several hundred users, including both private and corporate customers.

We believe that wonderful things happen when people get together, and technology should make this possible for them from anywhere in the world. Our solution allows people from all over the world to join together to create new ideas, work together and master challenges. This added value has also been recognized by the "Initiative-Mittelstand" which awarded us to the "Best of 2016", "Best of 2017" and "Best of 2016" in the category "On Demand" with the "Innovationspreis IT-Mittelstand".

Our servers are exclusively hosted in Germany and, unlike other providers, are managed only by us. We have our own hardware in various german data centers. All data centers are protected against theft, fire and power failures.

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