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Cloud computing is the next logic step when it comes to modern computing. You should also use the fast and easy options that a secure online storage in a cloud holds for you. Commit the nice and important moments of your life to Your Secure Cloud. When it comes to the location and administration of your data, confidence plays a more important role than ever. We would like to prove worthy of your trust. As a cloud provider from Germany, we stand for competent and reliable 24/7 service. Our servers are exclusively located in Germany and will not be outsourced to other countries in the future. This fact serves as a guarantee for high-end data protection and security in the field of cloud computing. We can always tell you where your personal data is located. As a consequence, our customers experience unique advantages in their cloud. We can immediately negate any problems and flaws. They are not handed over to external companies, which is common practice with foreign servers, but they are exclusively analyzed and remedied by our staff. Your Secure Cloud stays your contact concerning all issues of your secure online storage in your personal cloud. Furthermore, we offer a complete encryption of your cloud storage to ensure the safety of your personal data. We exclusively use an unprecedented Swiss encryption standard that stands out clearly from the common and wide-spread American solutions. Your Secure Cloud – because your security comes first for us.

FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
Data stored in Germany
SSL certificate from Switzerland
Client-side data encryption AES-256
File is stored encrypted on server
Code is partly Open-Source
FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
End-to-end encrypted sharing
Sync any folder from your system
Digital rights management for shares
View activity history
Upload for 50GB+ / File
FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
Desktop Client for Mac/Linux/Windows
Mobile Apps for IOS & Android
Clean Webinterface
Online editing of files
More than 24 languages available

Date: 15.07.2014

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