Your secure and efficient business cloud from Germany

For businesses it is important to always be one step ahead of one’s rivals and to always present the best solutions to one’s clients at the right point of time. To meet all these challenges you need a strong and efficiently working partner. Place your trust in Your Secure Cloud. We, as your secure and innovative B2B cloud provider directly from Germany, support you perfectly when it comes to reaching your aims. A secure online storage in our online cloud opens the door for you to work faster, more efficient and cheaper. Create for example own groups and folders for your projects or for the cooperation with your business partners. Control the release of single files and foster the rapid exchange among your staff, or use our innovative chat feature for immediate deliberation on projects. Even the direct editing of a project in your office or its provision for presentations at any place is no longer a problem, but rather gives you a unique advantage. As long as your staff is connected to the Internet, your data can be used independently of your location. Thus, your team works synchronically and simultaneously on all the encrypted documents and shared applications. The so created flexibility improves the satisfaction and productivity of your team. Always be well-prepared on new demands. Your Secure Cloud offers you the perfect tool to increase your efficiency and your performance. Your Secure Cloud – your strong partner for your business.

Special Businessfeatures:
FeaturesYour Secure Cloud for BusinessYour Secure Cloud Standard
Extended permission control
Storage 1TB +
Unlimited administrators
Trainings locally or via Web
Free and own subdomain
FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
Data stored in Germany
SSL certificate from Switzerland
Client-side data encryption AES-256
File is stored encrypted on server
Code is partly Open-Source
FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
End-to-end encrypted sharing
Sync any folder from your system
Digital rights management for shares
View activity history
Upload for 50GB+ / File
FeaturesYour Secure CloudDropboxGoogle Drive
Desktop Client for Mac/Linux/Windows
Mobile Apps for IOS & Android
Clean Webinterface
Online editing of files
More than 24 languages available

Date: 15.07.2014


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