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You use different devices with different operating systems in your company? The synchronization of data and their exchange takes you too long? Your Secure Cloud has the solution. No matter what terminal device you use, the access to your data is possible everywhere and at any time. We support all common operating systems from Linux over Windows up to Mac. Therefore, we offer high flexibility by using our innovative cloud computing.

Exactly at the point a company worries about the size of its data and of course also about the security of its data, an online storage in a secure and reliable online cloud can be the perfect answer to these needs. As a B2B cloud provider directly from Germany, Your Secure Cloud provides you with perfect cloud solution for all your requirements and wishes for the optimization and support of your company.
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A cloud in your business division increases your flexibility on a large scale and gives you an invaluable advantage over you rivals. As renowned cloud provider at the business sector, we provide you with broad knowledge of suitable cloud solutions for the B2B sector. According to Aberdeen Group, companies using a online based cloud in the B2B sector, are able to solve upcoming problems 2.1 hours faster than the average. This corresponds to a speed four times higher than compared to companies not using a suitable cloud solution.

Make files and projects in your company available for different projects, or create files targeted on the cooperation with your partners. Exact activity history makes your company’s data transparent and controllable. You can get a clear listing of all activities, of single working processes of specific files and projects and you could restore the history if required.

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Use our cloud solution in the B2B sector with the suitable online storage that is exactly tailored to your needs and the focus of your company. Small and medium-sized companies are able to access technology of professional-level quality by using our cloud. Thus, they are able to react faster and more efficient to challenges than bigger, well-established rivals. Thanks to the innovative file viewer of Your Secure Cloud, you can easily and always open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and all OpenOffice formats wherever you are. It is not necessary to have any of these programs installed on your device. Use the advantages of your mobile office of the future.

You can exchange about the progress of your projects fast and efficiently using our chat feature. This facilitates efficiently the cooperation of all involved people. Together with the activity history, the online file viewer and the feature to restore history, we create a transparent and yet secure platform for storage and exchange of sensitive information.

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Providing our services in more than 24 languages, we provide far more than most of the other cloud providers. This feature is particularly of interest and really helpful if you communicate with international business partners.


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