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Confidence into your business partner is more important than ever when it comes to the administration and safeguarding sensitive data, especially in the sector of B2B data protection. Give us the chance to win your confidence. The German cloud provider Your Secure Cloud provides you with competent and reliable service exactly when you need it. Having chosen Germany as location of all our servers means high security standards and control over your data. In the cloud computing sector we are characterized especially by using a unique encryption that stems from a Swiss SSL certificate which features a higher security standard than the commonly used American certificates. As a consequence, your sensitive data and applications are always protected from accesses of any kind. Furthermore, our hardware is tested and maintained exclusively by our own engineers. This makes it possible for us to immediately analyze and solve any upcoming problems. There are no inconveniences for you, on the contrary, there are vitally important advantages for you. We always know where your data is located in the system. Trust Your Secure Cloud, your reliable online cloud to unite the needs of B2B data protection and security in cloud computing. Your Secure Cloud – because, for us, the security of your data comes first.


Made in Germany
We are “made in Germany“. We use a SSL certificate, provided in Swiss and not, as it goes for most of the other cloud providers, in the USA. This allows us to provide a maximum of security. Furthermore, our servers are exclusively located in German data centers. Your data is consequently stored securely according to German data protection law.

Your data are encrypted on your device before being transmitted online. After that the already encrypted file is transmitted to a German server via a SSL connection and secured there. Your password to encrypt the file is not transmitted in this process. It is not available on the server and Your Secure Cloud or others have no access to your sensitive data.

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You can also create separate libraries in which you can put data and files, and if required you can secure them with another password. If third parties gained access to your account, they at least would have to decode this second password to have access to your really important information. Only few cloud companies offer this form of doubling the security standards.

Your Secure Cloud cooperates with Seafile. Seafile already exists since 2009 and is already used in several big companies and institutions. As there is also an open-source solution, a big community checking on flaws and defects of the code, has formed in recent times. We think that, especially today, the highest possible transparency should be offered.

Backbone von Your Secure Cloud
All of our servers are linked to a high-performance backbone with a total capacity of over 900 Gbit/s. It guarantees the highest protection possible of system failures, fast transmission rates and immediate availability wherever you are. The upstreams are among other: DE-CIX, Init7 and Noris Network.


*Only in dependence of encrypted libraries. You can create those at the installation and choose a separate password.


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