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To be prepared for working efficiently and fast in case of challenges in today’s economy, you need a flexible and adjustable budgeting. Your Secure Cloud offers the perfect service for the success of your business. Use our price worthy and cost-effective online storage for keeping and exchanging your sensitive data and applications. Profit from our attractive models in the cloud computing sector specialized on business customers. Using a cheap online storage means savings from partly considerable investments for services and applications that you would not need in the long term. There is no long term and risky capital lockup as you only rent the services and hardware if it is necessary. Thus you only have clearly defined costs that are only due on a monthly basis. Furthermore, you are able to react fast to any challenges of your business. Balance large peaks in performance or react immediately to a growth of your business with technology and resources that are up-to-date and constantly maintained by our technicians. The possibilities of a cost-effective online storage for businesses in our secure online cloud are the perfect tool for a secure planning and long term success of your company in today’s economic competition.

Pricing - Business



/ MONTH / User

  • 2 users or more
  • 50 GB Storage / User
  • User Management
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Data stored in Germany
  • Monthly cancellable
  • New: Edit Documents online
14 days free trial




  • + All Features from Business
  • For more than 10 Users
  • Branding / White Label / OEM
  • Role based Account Management / Reseller
  • Integration with Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Individual SLA- and Support-contracts
  • Data stored in Germany
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YOU have a cloud problem – and you are not alone.

  • 75% of the interviewees of a survey by Symantec indicated that the sensitive data of their company is spread on external storages or that the staff members use public cloud services for file sharing
  • Over 40% admitted that confidential information has been published due to this proceeding
  • 40% lost data in public cloud services and had to restore them with the help of a backup
  • At a questioning of the storage management provider Nasuni, 20% of the surveyed admitted using cloud services for end customers in order to share and synchronize business data
  • Half of the users of Dropbox does this although they know that they violate policies of the business. Every case of data abuse cost an average of 5.5 million US Dollar in 2011 (Infosecisland.com)

You MIGHT have a cloud problem if …

  • Your staff synchronizes business data by smartphones, tablets, notebooks and private computers
  • Your staff shares data with colleagues, contracting partners and customers
  • Your staff save data on external storage and you do not know about it
  • Your company has to follow strict laws and regulations when it comes to the storage location of its data
  • You have to compete with curious rivals


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Questions or Problems? We are here to help!
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