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Everybody owning a computer and a smartphone or tablet knows this problem. Being on the road, you want to show a great picture or a fascinating text but the problem is that it is not stored on the device in question. You are disappointed? Your Secure Cloud has the solution. Whatever terminal device you use, you gain access to your data wherever you are and whenever you want. We support all common operating systems from Linux over Windows up to Mac. Therefore, we offer high flexibility by using our innovative cloud computing.

At Your Secure Cloud you will find the perfect offer for your personal online cloud. Contrary to other providers, we offer a solution that can be adapted flexibly to your wishes. There is no annual minimum contract period, but individual packages. It is possible at any time to reduce or enlarge the capacity of your storage, just as you need it.
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Upload your data into our secure online cloud. With our secure online storage, you have safe and fast access to all of your data wherever you are. Add or edit fast and easy existing projects and pictures online, or outsource data securely online from your system to the cloud and gain new capacities. You want to share videos, pictures and documents with your friends or your family without any difficulties? You want to exchange immediately about it and also to be able to send data back? Our innovative cloud system is the perfect solution in this case, too. Create an album of your nicest memories in your personal cloud and share it online with your friends. - Sharing has never been as fast and easy.

Exact activity history makes your account activities transparent and controllable. Especially when you work with several people on one file, you have a clear listing of all activities and you could restore the history. Therefore, our cloud solution is suitable for organizations, educational institutions and clubs.

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You do not have the software in question available on your device for opening or editing files? Your Secure Cloud has the solution. Our online file viewer makes it easy to open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and all OpenOffice files. Even the creation and editing of your own new Markdown documents is no problem. Your Secure Cloud, welcome in your mobile office of the future.

The chat feature facilitates the cooperation of several people on one document or file, especially for companies, educational institutions and clubs. Together with the activity history, the online file viewer and the feature to restore history, we create a transparent and yet secure platform for storage and exchange of sensitive information.

Book your individual package perfectly tailored to your needs without a minimum contract period right now. Create your own online storage in our cloud and upload your data. Uploading, secure storage, sharing and chatting. Your Secure Cloud – your secure and reliable online storage in the cloud.


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